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  • Death, Taxes, and Pure Chaos In the NCAA Lacrosse Bracket 🤡

Death, Taxes, and Pure Chaos In the NCAA Lacrosse Bracket 🤡

This week's college bracket reveal, PLL draft results, and Paul Rabil's rags to riches story will have you salivating for summer lax.

Welcome back to another week of the Lax Harvest. Let’s get into the good stuff:

  • NCAA Lacrosse Bracket Reveal 👀

  • PLL Draft Surprises 😮

  • How Paul Rabil became the world’s first lacrosse millionaire, lost it all, then made it all back 💰

D1 College Lacrosse Bracket Reveal 👀

College lacrosse playoffs have arrived, and with it came nothing but beautiful chaos 🤡. Heading into the final week of regular season, most of the top teams secured their place in the playoffs (or so we thought).

In college lax, each conference ends their season with a conference tournament - where the top teams battle it out for a chance to automatically qualify for the NCAA tournament.

After getting beaten down by the other teams in their conference all season, two teams STUNNED the haters and won their conference tournament: Michigan and Princeton.

While these programs rejoiced in the celebration, other teams that were “on the bubble” panicked like Spongebob when he forgot his name.

After the bracket reveal this past weekend, it became known that Denver, Penn, Villanova, Rutgers, UNC, and Boston U did not make the cut.

Yale managed to squeeze their way into the last spot. You can attribute that to last weekend’s incredible win over Cornell.

P.S. If you managed to miss that Yale vs Cornell game, go back and watch it. This 22-15 game was a high-scoring barnburner. CJ Kirst is a total freak of the nature. Shooting 100+ mph shots from the hip. Chris Lyons is a stud for Yale. The future of the program. Quint put it perfectly. This game was Hagler vs. Hearns (that’s an old school boxing reference for you young guns out there).

PLL Draft Surprises 😮

It’s been a busy week for lacrosse. The PLL College Draft also went down this weekend. If you’re a defensive player, this draft was for you (sorry fellow attackmen). Here were the top 5 picks of the draft:

  1. Gavin Adler - Defense - Cornell (Atlas)

  2. Owen Grant - Defense - Delaware (Redwoods)

  3. Brett Makar - Defense - Maryland (Atlas)

  4. Sam Handley - Midfield - Penn (Chrome)

  5. Mike Sisselberger - Faceoff - Lehigh (Archers)

This was a defensive heavy draft with 3 of the top 5 picks going defense. Other than Sam Handley, there wasn’t too much offensive firepower this class hand to offer.

Very rarely does a rookie step in and light it up (Teat, Gray, Wisnauskas, Nichtern, and Ament are the rare exceptions). Others have to scratch and claw for a roster spot. With that being said, many are expecting BIG things from Sam Handley.

One of the highlights of this year’s PLL draft was watching the epic locker room reactions from the college teams.

How Paul Rabil Became Lacrosse’s First Millionaire, Lost It All, & Made It All Back 💰

If you know lacrosse, you’ve probably heard of Paul Rabil. He’s been the face of the sport for over a decade.

But most people haven’t heard the behind-the-scenes story of Rabil’s rise, fall, and revival in lacrosse. It’s a truly epic tale of perseverance and grit.

Check it out here:

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