The #1 Lacrosse Weekend Of The Year Is Upon Us 🎉

Who will win the NCAA title....Duke, Virginia, Notre Dame, or Penn State? Each team is loaded with studs. But on this weekend - legends are made.

Welcome back to another week of the Lax Harvest. Let’s get into the good stuff:

  • D1 College Champ Predictions 🧐

  • ECD’s NEW Defensive Head 🚀

  • RIP to the greatest lacrosse player of all time…Jim Brown 🙏

Final Four Lacrosse Predictions🏅

Finally. Memorial Day Weekend has arrived. The Super Bowl of lacrosse. This weekend attracts the eyeballs of every former player, current player, lax parent, coach, and casual fan to the TV screen. If you haven’t attended a championship weekend in-person before, we HIGHLY recommend it. ‘Ship weekend is every lax player’s dream: countless lax vendors, festivities, mini games, excitement, hype, tailgating, and non-stop lacrosse all weekend long (including the D2 and D3 championships).

Let’s get into the predictions. The D1 final four consists of:

  • #1 Duke 😈 vs. #5 Penn State🦁

  • #2 Virginia ⚔️ vs. #3 Notre Dame🍀

During the regular season, the top three teams all took turns beating each other.

  • Duke ➡️ beat Virginia twice

  • Virginia ➡️ beat Notre Dame twice

  • Notre Dame ➡️ beat Duke in the one game they played

Where does Penn State fit into all this? Well, they’re certainly an underdog with a staunch defensive presence. Can they contain Brennan O’Neill? Probably not - he’s been un-guardable all season. But lest not forget Duke almost lost to Delaware two weeks ago. They are human.

Predictions: If the same regular season results play out, Duke will beat Penn State and Virginia will beat Notre Dame. Then Duke will beat Virginia. But if there’s one thing we know about Championship Weekend….things rarely play out as they should.

The semifinal games will be played this Saturday on ESPN2. The D1 championship game will be played this Monday on Memorial Day on ESPN.

The New Best Defensive Lacrosse Head? 🙌

This week, ECD released the ECD DNA 2.0 - which sold out instantly.

If you’re new to lacrosse, the ECD DNA 1.0 has been considered the best defensive lacrosse head for the past several years. It’s a versatile and durable head that has incredible resistance to warping (an issue where the head shape bends and loses form due to use and weather).

The only critique of the DNA 1.0 was that it’s a bit heavy. As a result, ECD got to work and made the DNA 2.0 is 8% lighter. They also gave it a slightly tighter face shape to make it more “offensive” for defenders carrying the ball upfield.

Wow. Could this be the next best defensive head? We think so. Stay tuned to this newsletter for updates on when the DNA 2.0 is back in stock - and how we grade it after testing it ourselves.

RIP Jim Brown 🙏 

This past week we lost Jim Brown - the greatest lacrosse player of all time.

Yup that’s not a typo. The GOAT 🐐. And that’s not just our opinion. That’s the consensus among the lacrosse community.

Jim Brown was the Hall of Fame running back for the Cleveland Browns (you’ve definitely heard of him). But most people aren’t aware of Brown’s legendary lacrosse career at Syracuse. Open up our Twitter thread below to check out Jim Brown’s incredible lacrosse stats:

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