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  • The Best Athletes In The World Played Lacrosse...[Images]

The Best Athletes In The World Played Lacrosse...[Images]

This week, I smash together lacrosse and AI, reveal the best attack head, and show off some fresh new goodies.

Welcome back to another episode of "The Harvest” (yup I finally gave this newsletter a nickname). Let’s get into the good stuff:

  • AI-Generated Lacrosse Athletes 🤖

  • The #1 Best Selling Attack Head in 2022 🎯

  • NEW Lax T-Shirts & Hoodies 🔥

The Best Athletes In the World Playing Lacrosse (Sort Of…) 👾

The lacrosse world’s favorite hypothetical is - “what if the best athletes in other sport played lacrosse?” Can you imagine if Lebron James picked up a lacrosse stick in high school? Well now you DON’T have to imagine…

I jumped into an AI image generator and asked it this exact questions. Here’s what it spit out:

Tom Brady


Roger Federer

Usain Bolt

Logan Paul

Jake Paul

Ronda Rousey

Steph Curry

The Rock

Pretty wild stuff. The AI definitely has trouble making lacrosse sticks, but the helmets are supremely realistic.

The #1 Best Selling Attack Head in 2022 is the… Maverik Tactik 2.0 🎯

Through our partnership with SportStop, we’ve been able to acquire real sales data to back up our gear reviews (something you won’t find anywhere else). This past week, we updated our best attack lacrosse heads article with the latest and greatest info. Check it out if you’re in need of a new attack head :)

New Lacrosse T-Shirts & Hoodies Are Coming Soon 🔥

That’s right. You heard it here first. As the Lax Farmer, my mission is to grow the game of lacrosse - like I grow my crops 🌻. That means clothing. Spicy hot lacrosse clothing to make you look good (and feel comfy) off the field.

Lacrosse Everyday T-shirt

Lacrosse Everyday Hoodie

This secret collection is still several weeks from being released. Before I open the floodgates to my 12.5k TikTok followers, I wanted to give my newsletter subscribers first dibs.

This limited run of 60 items each could sell out quickly. Snag one for yourself here before it’s too late 😁:

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