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  • The BEST Middie Lacrosse Head Comes From... Nike? (Revealed)

The BEST Middie Lacrosse Head Comes From... Nike? (Revealed)

We're ALL IN on Michigan lacrosse. Plus, Nike finally has a top lax product but the #1 player in the world retires!?

Welcome back to another week of the Lax Harvest. Let’s get into the good stuff:

  • Insane D1 Playoff Results 🥳

  • The Best Middie Lacrosse Head (revealed) ✔️

  • Lyle Thompson quit lacrosse (this season) 😮

Let’s Party for Lax Parity 🥳

For decades, college lacrosse was dominated by a handful of elite programs; namely Virginia, Syracuse, Princeton, Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Maryland.

Not anymore.

Due to explosive growth across the U.S., new D1 lacrosse programs have cropped up and are finally able to overthrow the Northeastern-based powerhouses.

In this week’s first round of NCAA playoffs, we saw an avalanche of upsets (and near upsets):

If you’re a non-Ivy working class brute like myself, you may be wondering what “parity” means? Parity in sports, as defined by Wikipedia, is when teams have roughly equivalent levels of talent.

What does this mean for the young laxer out there?

  1. There are plenty of opportunities to play high-level lacrosse

  2. Football universities will see the success of Michigan

    and consider launching their own lacrosse program 👀 

Other than Michigan, here are a few new-ish programs that we predict will become big-time lacrosse schools over the next decade:

  • Utah - lacrosse is exploding at the high school level in this region

  • Denver - already a strong program, but will attract top west coast talent

  • Boston U - excellent at recruiting underrated talent (i.e. Chris Gray)

  • Jacksonville - went 12-4 this season, lacrosse is exploding in Florida

Times couldn’t be more exciting for the young athlete.

The Best Middie Lacrosse Head Comes From…Nike? ✔️

You already know, Lax Farmer has the best lacrosse reviews on the internet - no cap. But how do we come up with our reviews? The answer is threefold.

  1. We test the gear ourselves.

  2. Through our exclusive partnership with SportStop.com (the #1 online lacrosse store), we have access to real sales data.

  3. We receive feedback from the community - shoutout to our army of 13k TikTok followers (and growing).

With all of these factors in mind, it became abundantly clear that the Nike Lakota 3 is the best middie lacrosse head on the market.

Here’s the sauce:

  • #1 Best Selling Middie Head on SportStop in 2022

  • Loved by the community (we have 20+ comments to prove it)

  • A versatile head that suits the “all-around” player

  • Easy to string

  • Optimized for a mid-pocket

This came as a surprise because Nike is not exactly known for making great lacrosse gear. They are competing with several lacrosse-specific manufacturers (STX, Warrior, ECD, Maverik). But believe it or not, Nike hit this one out of the park. Kudos to the swoosh.

No LYLE THOMPSON this season because of reasons? 😲

That’s right. The #1 lacrosse player in the world is taking a hiatus from lacrosse this Summer. He will be missed. While - of course - it’s important that Lyle take care of his mental health, it can’t be overlooked that this is a brutal gut punch to the sport.

Lyle is a once in a generation lacrosse athlete. He is a walking highlight reel that is combines creativity, finesse like Wayne Gretzky. With that being said, he reminds us of the fact that we are playing the Medicine game - a game originally intended for spiritual healing and resolving conflict between tribes.

Be sure to check out the origins of lacrosse if you are unfamiliar, and learn about the 1,000 year long evolution of the sport.

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